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Sterek or Stydia or threesome?

LOL Stydia. Maybe Lydia-Stiles-Peter threesome :)

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Do you ship skyeward and fitzsimmons in shield



I don’t ship anybody hard in Shield, I think  fitzsimmons is cute and I’d love to see them together but I wouldn’t say I ship it, Shield for me is just not the kind of shipping show, I focus more in the plot.

I think the same thing…fitzsimmons is cute…but I too am not a skyeward shipper….I cant get into its one of those shows i find plot more interesting than possible romances…

Same. It’s the kind of show that ships can’t interfere. I’d hate if they decided to make Ward good only to make their ship canon, for example. The show is bigger than that.

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Who do you more Allison/Scott or Kira/Scott?

That’s the problem with good writing, we think we’ll never stop shipping something and then something like this happens!

Today I’m more Kira/Scott, I love them together, they’re such dorks! But I admit my heart melts when I see Allison/Scott scenes/gifs…it’s so hard to choose!


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A Summary of Marvel Movies

and then there’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Camille is the Bratz version of Barbie Caroline

» my friend Isabella about Klamille  
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In a perfect world I was really hoping for tyler to be klaus's second son because he was his first hybrid and they have like a maker/progeny relationship in the show but the writers ruined it for the sake of a ship.

Exactly, I always loved how Tyler was a reminder to Klaus that there was another hybrid in the world and I loved how he closed his eyes to that for the sake of Caroline, imagine how hard it was for him to fight the instinct of killing him.

But no, Plague had to weaken Tyler to make stupid Moon Moon stronger, sure, because there’s no way she can stay alive without this nonsense. Stupid character who ruins everything.

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Tom Hiddleston + Movie Characters (Inspiration)

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simscarletti said:
Yeah I guess. But I kinda think Tyler is Rebekah's male/werewolf dopplganger. *shrugs* Which is why I don't think he'll actively be doing anything this season unless someone tells him to or just does it to him without asking first

If Tyler is only a werewolf now he doesn’t answer to anyone, could be but I don’t think it’s something so deep, Plec doesn’t have brains to write something that complex.

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simscarletti said:
Yeah I still feel like there is an actual reason that Mikael only feeds on vampires so I don't think that tyler & klaus are related. But your has some good ideas.

I don’t think there’s any logic in the shows anymore so this details could be a clue but in Plec’s world it probably means nothing. A shame, could be used and be interesting.

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Do you think its possible that because werewolves reigned over Mystic Falls for centuries and Esther slept with the chief and the Lockwoods also go way back in Mystic Falls that Tyler and Klaus could be related and Klaus could be a Lockwood?

That’s a great theory, Klaus’ real dad is still a mistery and since werewolves are rare that could be actually good, they have a personal rivalry, they compete all the time…could be good!

Could Tyler be the family he looks for? Klaus tried to turn Tyler into a friend (in the worst way possible) but he did.

So many possiblities much better than the TO plot.

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The beach’s view yesterday was fantastic.

The beach’s view yesterday was fantastic.

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